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    Linkage has been specializing in leadership coaching for over 30 years, successfully guiding individuals, teams and Fortune 1000 organizations to drive behavior change in alignment with business objectives.

    Turn Insight Into Action

    Our coaching philosophy is grounded in the belief that any leader can achieve behavioral change that will positively impact both the individual and the organization. Our coaches’ range in expertise and background from former senior leaders in a wide variety of industries, to consultants who have spent a lifetime exploring, researching, and applying what it takes to develop successful and purposeful leaders.

    When you hire a Linkage coach you not only get their individual expertise, you also get a global leadership development company. With that comes access to the many tools and resources at their fingertips along with ongoing research and best practice sharing across the coaches. Our coaches are not only experts in coaching and leadership development, but they are life-long learners – staying up to date on the latest leadership, organizational development, and HR trends.

    Like most coaching providers, Linkage coaches use a variety of means (stakeholder interviews, assessments, in depth conversations with the coachee) to identify critical areas of growth. What’s different about Linkage coaching, is our relentless focus on the development of each individual as a leader.

    Drawing from the latest research on adult development, our coaches use unique data from our research-based 360-degree assessments (Purposeful Leadership Assessment and Advancing Women Leaders Assessment) to identify where each leader is on their journey of development. In addition, our methodology is metric-based. Utilizing an engagement-based metric and session-based metrics we can track the progress of the leader and the engagement itself. Metrics can be customized to an individual organization.

    We use a validated and researched method to help individuals move through a six-step process, thereby generating significant outcomes.

    Our coaching methodology involves six steps:

    • Agreement/Contracting – the coach and coachee design a mutual relationship to create success
    • Alignment/Taking Stock – through a variety of assessments, the coach guides the coachee to build a portrait of who they are, their strengths and opportunities
    • Accountability/Building Support – the coach assists the coachee to understand their context and create a system of accountability to help them achieve their goals
    • Action/Goal Setting – the coach works with tools to assist the coachee finalize the design of their goals
    • Acceleration/Finding What Works – the coach and coachee design experiments in changing behavior and practices, discarding what does not work, and amplifying what does work
    • Assess/Wrapping Up/Re-Contracting – the coach and coachee assess the relationship and decide on next steps

    Many of our coaching clients leverage valuable data and insights from our 360-degree leadership development assessments in order to drive transformational change. Equip your leaders to drive broader impact across your organization by pairing coaching with one of our premier leadership development learning experiences.

    Start Your Journey

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